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I'm a dreamer and free spirited mother to a wildly imaginative and highly intelligent preschooler, a puppy with attachment issues, and a turtle named Barry. My other passions include crafting, baking, and couponing. Yes, I'm one of 'those' people! I'm also the sales extraordinaire for Bourgeois Baby and a lovely violinist.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Out and Participate!

Clinton, MA held a street fair to celebrate the arts in their community on Saturday. With art programs the first to go in many schools, community support is desperately needed. I'm an avid supporter, but even more so (if possible) knowing that my own school district has removed the arts. I can't imagine a robotic world for my son lacking so much expression, love, ambition, and creativity. When taught and shown the basics, great things happen!! Inspiration, creativity, and talent are such wonderful things. It's a sad day when they're so greatly overlooked.

With vacant parking spots aplenty, I wondered if we were in the right spot. There wasn't a person around with the exception of a few tables along a long stretch of street. I was nearly blown off my feet. I truly envisioned a vibrant street adorned with artists, musicians, food, and much more. It was a street fair to celebrate the arts after all. We walked the vacant stretch with a tent in sight. The storefront was that of a painter. The tent displayed exquisite paintings done by students. They had also set up a face painting table run by a very ambitious young boy. I encouraged my son to have his face painted. Though the painter went a little overboard with a bloodied nose, eye, shoulders, elbows, and knees for my son (who's only 4 and not quite educated to these types of injuries), his creativity was clearly evident. The monologue to his masterpiece (my son) was truly vivid in all senses. He was the epitome of a creative spirit, alas nobody was there to appreciate it and encourage it.

We walked back down the stretch again, past a few vacant chairs and a coffee shop, and came across a side street that seemed much more lively. There were a handful of artisans in front of a store called, Sooo Chic Designs. That was definitely the hot spot! The creativity from the various artists was amazing. The store was adorned with one-of-a-kind, gorgeous works done locally. From paintings, furniture, out-of-this world jewelry, pottery, to hand-made trinkets of the seashore, the store displayed all the local talent. Whilst dreaming of purchasing everything like several other customers in the store, I was distracted by the most beautiful fiddle playing I think I've ever heard. A young fiddler sat in the scorching heat, playing her heart out for those entering the store. Nobody stopped to enjoy her music except my son who was physically compelled to leave the store and admire her work. He watched her fiddle away for a good 5 minutes before his foot started tapping. Then his other foot started tapping. This continued until he was in a full-blown Irish step-dance. I jumped right in of course. Imagine if you will, a child painted black and an overweight woman dancing and twirling on the sidewalk. It was a sight to behold for sure, but the violinist appreciated it just as much as we appreciated her amazing gift.

On our way back to the car, we stumbled upon a colorful alley. Somebody had set up a graffiti station for artists of all ages to express themselves with chalk. I thought the idea was brilliant! We took advantage of this and expressed ourselves greatly. It was evident the majority of the artwork was done by the same artist, but we very much appreciated the thought and creativity behind it! It was a wonderful way to incorporate and encourage the community to let their creative side shine!

At this point, I'm sure you're wondering why I'm sharing all this. Community support in general is lacking all over the U.S., but community support for the arts is devastatingly dropping. This was a community eager to inspire as well as one who ached to be recognized, but very few came. So, I ask you all to get out, get inspired, greet your community, and participate. Revolutionize the future of our children and have fun along the way!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mom Farts

Living as the only female in a testosterone filled home can be extremely trying at times. There’s the constant battle of all things gross what feels like every second of the day. Now before I give the impression of a prissy housewife, I probably get the dirtiest and do the dirtiest jobs of them all but man, let one, just one dainty little poof escape, and the whole world stops dead in their tracks with looks of sheer horror. Even Barry, the damn turtle raised a brow towards the fact that Mom just farted. Really?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cue the fireworks, start the band, and slap me on a float!

The day has finally come that I put my many thoughts and creations to writing in blog form! I know. I know. This definitely calls for at minimum a parade in my honor with me perched upon a float in all my glory, but we’ll save that until I reach more then one follower, who by the way is obligated to follow me as we’re besties.